kak630012_00195/9/2016 – The hike team met for the first time by Skype last week and got to see each other virtually face-to-face.  These are very exciting times and people can feel the electricity.  The team is now complete with eleven total: seven People with Parkinson’s (PWP) and four support hikers.  We had to reach far and wide to get a complete team with as many PWP as we could. There are now three from Bellingham, three from greater Denver, four from greater Seattle and one from Spokane.  This is an unprecedented hike in the works with an incredibly fascinating mix of individuals that you will hear more about in the future but for now be sure to read their stories on the team page.

We could have spent hours introducing each other and exchanging stories about hiking and about Parkinson’s but instead we got right down to business. We talked about the details of the hike like cooking arrangements, transportation for out-of-towners, weight limits for the mules, water purification, walkie-talkies and GPS.

The rest of the meeting was about what we are doing here at home like social media links.  We now have the Pass to Pass web site, Facebook, and Twitter.  Follow each of those to get interesting tidbits about the preparation. This is our first blog and there will be many to come including daily updates from the trail.  We discussed radio phones and cell phones with lots of batteries to make this happen.  T-shirts are in the works for the team as well as cards for the team to hand out so that people will know where to go to follow us and to donate.  Speaking of donating, we have two 503c3 charities set up on the donation page and are working on two more.

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