Here are some interesting statistics on our upcoming trip.

Starting Point: Stevens Pass
End Point: Snoqualmie Pass
Total Miles: 72 miles
Total Days out: 9 days (one rest day)
Average miles per day: 9 miles

Total Elevation Gain: +18,068 feet
Total Elevation Loss: -19,128 feet

Longest Day: Day 5, 13 miles from Waptus River to Lemah Meadow
Shortest Day: Day 7, 5 miles from Park Lake to Huckleberry Saddle

Highest Camp: Day 8, Huckleberry Saddle, 5168 feet
Lowest Camp: Day 4, Waptus River, 3,111 feet

Hardest Day: On day 5 we climb 3,262 feet in 7.5 miles then descend roughly an equal amount to camp for the night at Lemah Meadow.

Highest Elevation: 5,990 feet. The highest point of our journey will be Needle Sight Gap that we pass in route to our last camp of the trip.
Lowest Elevation: 3,016 feet. The lowest point on our journey is when we finish at Snoqualmie Pass which is actually a few feet below the pass, an official elevation of 3,022 feet. The lowest spot other than at the end will be at the North end of Waptus Lake, 3,049 Feet.

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