BLOW DOWNS – latest news is the south and north portions of our trail are now clear. This year’s blow downs are 4-5 times above average from windstorms. One large blow down is being blown up with dynamite. As a result, there is a section of trail (approximately 13 miles) that is impassable for the horses and mule team between Delate Meadow (mile 2422) and ridge lake (2409.5). The rest of the trail is good to go.

NEW PLAN – On Tuesday, day 4 we will head down to Waptus lake as was planned before except we will depart from the PCT and camp at the other end of Waptus lake, the Southeast end. The next day we will go over Waptus Pass which will have spectacular views, will shorten our trip and ease up on the demands of elevation gain. So that is a good thing. We will camp at Delate Creek for the night and from there, the next day, we will schlep full packs (including tents, sleeping bags and food) up to Park lakes after saying goodbye to our mules and wrangler. Another schlep after a rest day at Park Lakes and we will arrive at Ridge lake. The mules and wrangler will get a few days off until we see them on our last night at Ridge lake.

THE HIKE TEAM – Bill Meyer was dealt a disappointing blow recently regarding his right leg and will not be able to go on the hike. He still plans to be at the kickoff event Saturady morning where we start our trek. He may be in back surgery while we are on the trail. Though his boots may not hit the trail, this time, we all walk for him on this journey. Nancy Chlopan from Kamloops, B.C. will be joining the team as a support hiker. She is a hiking buddy of Cathy. A King 5 photo-journalist (Scott) will probably hike with us the first day and then go out to Hwy 2 on Sunday. Then he rejoins on the last night and hikes out with us.

DONATIONS – Our total is now $9,460.

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