We haven’t heard from our group of adventurers yet today, most likely because cell service is limited. Assuming no news is good news, the team left Hope Lake yesterday (Day 2) and headed up the crest bypassing Trap Lake, Surprise Lake, Glacier Lake, and Surprise Mountain and finally made camp their second night at Deception Lake at mile 2457 –about a 10 mile hike.

Today, Day 3, would have taken them over Deception Pass and camping at approximately mile 2448 near Cathedral Rock — about 10 miles. We have had trip reports from other hikers that there is some cell reception at Cathedral Rock, but we have not heard from our team yet. Tomorrow morning they should be hiking mostly on the crest and then down to the east end of Waptus Lake where they will camp tomorrow night near Quick
Creek.  Meanwhile the packer will be coming out to resupply and meet them Tuesday night at Camp 4. The weather forecast remains good with temperatures cooling off a bit.

Hopefully more to come tomorrow — stay tuned!

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