Tonight’s blog post features an update from Nadean Meyer and route details from hiker Ken Kisch.

From Nadean:

It was exciting to receive a text from the team as they came into the Park Lake region. Crossing one creek was water up to their calves. Friday is a well deserved day of rest. The trail near here is too rugged for the pack animals and they will be carrying more weight as they leave. The wrangler tried a new trail in and ran into difficulties. He called and said he successfully recovered one horse that rolled off the trail. Plans for the celebration at Snoqualmie Pass on Sunday continue as the trail angels prepare to see the team.

From Ken:


This photo was taken from the top of Snoqualmie mountain looking Southeast toward the cascade crest in the Snoqualmie pass area. For two or three days around  Wednesday and Thursday we will be traveling beneath these peaks on the back side of the mountains you see in the photo. On Saturday you can see in the photo where we will be hiking across the scree on the crest trail below Chikamin Mountain. Zoom in on the photo and you might be able to make out the trail. On the last night out we will be in the foreground beneath Mt. Thompson.


This photo is quite a different view of Chikamin Peak as seen from I-90.

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