In May Bill Meyer visited Bob Schimph at Middle Earth Llama Ranch near Montesano, Washington to learn more about llamas and equipment for packing. We will be taking three experienced llamas on our hike. They will be transported in a cargo van to Rainey Pass where we start our 58 mile hike. Packing llamas are larger than most llamas and require 1 ½ lbs. of feed per day. Each llama will have two panniers capable of carrying a maximum of 65 lbs. Llamas allow us more flexibility in hiking, they are less expensive than mules and require less animals so that means fewer heartbeats on our wilderness permit since the limit is 12 heartbeats. Bill learned how to load and lead the animals and Brian spent time with llamas when he was a child. Each llama has unique personalities, so we should have an interesting time. Their pace is about 1 ½ to 2 miles an hour. We will be sure to share our llama experiences on the hike.

Also, head over to Laura Kennedy Gould’s blog post Hit the trail for Parkinson’s, she wrote about what we are up to.

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