Stehekin allowed an opportunity to rest, laugh and share some photos from the first three days. Derek offered some great captions about the llamas, creek crossings, hammock and pills.


Creek crossing with llamas–I guess we’ll bushwhack around this one!–Yes, we’re in bear territory, we actually saw it!—-Another creek crossing.—Staying dry…–The beautiful Stehekin River, gorgeous.—Bill decided to ride the remaining 45 miles.–Lots of pill pop’n on this trip .–Bill (aka his trail name “the BEAST”) making the sacrifice to watch the llamas while the rest of us go shower and spend the night at the lodge. Thanks Bill!—Benefits of llamas…you can have watermelon on the trail.–Sir, two man cards please.—We are definitely enjoying the views.–Up early, rest early…Ken’s first try in a hammock.

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