Bees- Bears-Buddies-Blueberries– the shared comments are coming in.

This hike had it all. Derek created a fun video summary with music clips to tell about the joys of the trip.

A.C. ” It pushed me to my limit, but it was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Although at times, it seemed nearly impossible for me to continue, the support hikers and the Parky’s together provided the sense of unity and community necessary for me to take another step.”

Ken ” Good company, good laughs, hard work, great scenery and even the dusty trail, all good. Stehekin was a mystical place of my dreams since childhood which finally became a reality”

Frank” The real rock stars are the “parkies” who dealt with so many issues and still had the energy to help with the llamas as well as camp chores. One couldn’t ask for a better group. Brian‘s involvement was invaluable.”

Bill “I’m already starting planning for next year- stay tuned!”

Donations update: as of today we have raised  $7246.69 (36 percent) of our ambitious goal of $20,000. Thank you everyone who donated in our name to Michael J. Fox Foundation or American Parkinson’s Disease Association.

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