Elevation Gain

The tracking shows that the group made it to Cedar Creek campground last night at about 3078 elevation¬† and stopped tonight at 5788, so that was lots of climbing today with over 2700 foot elevation gain. Sam’s Dad reported that they are not planning on taking a...

Great Photos!

Thanks to Linda for bringing out the photos (and taking in the resupplies) that Ken took on the first three days. There are so many smiles and great views of water and mountains.

Stehekin Last Supper

Brian is with llamas at the trailhead but the other 5 hikers enjoy a meal together. The last supper. Next 4 days, 40 miles, 5,000 ft ascent.

Match the captions from first 3 days

Stehekin allowed an opportunity to rest, laugh and share some photos from the first three days. Derek offered some great captions about the llamas, creek crossings, hammock and pills. CAPTIONS: Creek crossing with llamas–I guess we’ll bushwhack around this...

Bees in the Tent

Day 2 Sunday night-Monday morning, this message was posted on the tracking GPS “Everyone up at 5 or so. So were the neighbors. Leaving in about 30 minutes. bees in tents last night. AC stung 5 times!”

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