Day 6 – Up Rainbow Creek Trail

Brian Lorenson says, “The guys and the llamas caught a four mile ride to the trailhead from Cliff, the Ranch Boss, and headed up the Rainbow Creek Trail this morning. Had a great time with them Monday and Tuesday at the Ranch before jumping on the boat and heading home.”  That’s right, they had to make alternate plans due to the Bannock Lakes fire that practically blocked their original plans of going over Suiattle Pass.  The Rainbow Creek Trail will be excellent for them.  Be sure to check the messages from the trail on the Track the Hikers Page for some big news, SPOILER ALERT don’t read further if you want to read it in the messages…. The smoke cleared and they have blue skies tonight at 6:07 pm.
Tomorrow’s Destination: Rainbow Lakes Camp.
Rainbow Falls as it Cascades down to the Floor of Stehekin Valley

One Comment Add yours

  1. Heather Hoting Nash says:

    Sounds like your ride was a good deal! Excellent!
    Continued safe travels.


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