Day 8 – Rejoining the PCT

Derek is writing the blog for me from the trail. I don’t have much to do.  He says this morning, “Longer day today, team getting up early for 8-9 miles…after 2 more miles of uphill we’ll descend into South Fork.” and “Heavy wind last night 11-2, estimate 20-30 mph gusts. Good thing we locked everything down before going to bed.”

Today they will complete their counter-clockwise loop and re-join the PCT at South Fork. They have two more nights on the trail and will come out Rainy Pass this Sunday. I am not sure what their destination is.  We’ll watch the track and see.

Trip 2 folks IMG_5777
The Trip #2 Folks at Stehekin Valley Ranch (Left to Right, Derek, Noah, Steve, Brian, Carrie and Seth)

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  1. Heather Nash says:

    All of you are looking great! Keep up the good trek!


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