Trip 1 Day 5 / Trip 2 Day 1

The excitement continues! The first two teams met at White Pass late this morning to hand off the llamas and community gear. 

Team 1 and Team 2 – Looking good!
Sorting and packing gear

After 5 days on the trail, the trip 1 team parted ways and the trip 2 team hit the trail by 12:45 pm.

Trip 2 – Ready to hit the trail


Hiking 5.3 miles with close to a 2000′ elevation gain to their originally planned campsite, the decision was made to push on another 2.9 miles to Hidden Spring (PCT mile 2287.2). 

The hikers were rewarded with spectacular views and a stop at Shoe Lake for a refreshing swim before making it to camp for dinner.

This is what’s called Living Large with Parkinson’s! 

Mt. Rainier


Remember, you can follow their progress by clicking on the link found here.



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