Trip 2 Day 3 – Knife Edge

Not only was today the day that Team 2 would climb to the highest elevation of their trip, it was also the most technical as they would traverse what’s known as the Knife Edge.

After a reconnaissance hike late yesterday, the team had a good night’s rest and started out early.

“It’s a beautiful day with tremendous views.”

Word was received early afternoon from Brian, the trip leader: “We made it! I’m super proud of all 8 of my companions!” This included both 2- and 4-legged hikers.

They ventured on from there to “a lovely campsite” with a “beautiful stream nearby and a meadow for the llamas.” Arriving by 2:30, they found themselves with weather blowing in and quickly set up camp before the rain began. “Hard rain for 1/2 hour then mellowed out.”

How are they feeling now? “Tired, happy and accomplished.”

To give an idea of the terrain and conditions they faced, check out this short YouTube video below taken almost at the same time last year by another PCT hiker (not affiliated to Pass to Pass).


After their epic hike today, the plan is to have a leisurely breakfast tomorrow and take a rest day.

Well deserved, don’t you agree?


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  1. Vicki Jarnes says:

    Thanks for sharing the video clip. Even though it was another trip I imagine the scenery is much the same. Blessings for good weather, happy legs and feet, abundant water, gentle sunshine and expanding friendships! And lots of good food! ⛰️ 🥾🦙🏞️🌞🌄

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  2. imatrailangel says:

    We’ve seen that the friendships formed through the Pass to Pass hikes extend far beyond the trail!


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