8:00 AM “The sun is streaming through the mist coming off the lake.”

Being so far ahead of schedule, the team had a relaxing morning around the campsite today.

11:15 AM “Almost dried out from the rain and looking forward to a sunny, DRY day.”

Dan and George hiked ahead to scout out some options for tonight’s campsite. One hiker met on the trail suggested they “camel up on water” because Potato Hill is “a dry camping spot”. 

There are many ways in which the Pass to Pass team is supported: from other hikers who share information, from each other and from those of us cheering them on from afar.

What also helps to make this annual event possible, are the generous (tax deductible) donations that offset the costs for some of the expenses such as transportation, community gear, and the llamas.

Info on hiking with llamas, put together by Middle Earth Llama Ranch from where our 4-legged support hikers are leased, can be found at http://middleearthllamas.com










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