Trip 3 Day 3

The team made it in to camp last night at 7 PM after a 10.6 mile day which included simultaneous views of Mt Adams and Mt Rainier as well as a view of Mt Hood. These are sights that most never have a chance to see firsthand.

The months of pre-planning helped each trip leader prepare their team for the conditions they might face.

It was reported being “very dry up here, many creeks are soft and muddy”.

Although a water source was two miles further from camp, they had enough between them. “Crew is doing good, spirits high.”

The team hiked 4.5 miles before lunch today, Day 3, with another 5.2 miles planned for the afternoon.

As if being in these beautiful mountains weren’t enough, the team can expect to see the Sturgeon Moon tonight.


Aim for the moon quote


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  1. Vicki Jarnes says:

    What joy! What fun! Forever memories in the making!

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