Proving they’re Living Large with Parkinson’s, the team hiked 11.5 miles yesterday and enjoyed a well deserved soak in the North Fork of Trout Lake Creek. “Everyone is doing great.”

After yesterday’s mileage, the plan for today was to make it an easy 5 mile day. They arrived at Mosquito Creek, where there was a good water source despite its name, by 2PM. Here they had a late lunch and some rest. “33 miles down and about 21 to go.”

While our team hikes southbound, many thru hikers are traveling northbound on their way to the PCT’s northern terminus at the US border of Canada.

Word travels quickly between hikers along the trail including the fact that a team of Parkies are hiking with llamas.

Thru hiker & llama

A thru hiker gets a kiss from Gina the Llama

Any mile spent on the PCT is made possible, in part, through the National Trail Systems Act signed by then President Lyndon Johnson on October 2, 1968.


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