Three hikes took place in August 2020. We looped from Chinook Pass to White Pass (Team 1) White Pass to Chinook Pass (Team #2) and Chinook Pass to White Pass (Team #3) for a total of 90 miles.

Here is a compilation MP4 video by Eric Matson of Hike #2.

  • 12 Parkies participated in the hikes with 4 llamas and a total of 15 support hikers. Several support hikers are now qualified to be future trip leaders- llama certified!
  • 152 Blog followers with page views of 30-55 daily
  • 1093 total visitors to the website from July 25-August 21 average views of 3 pages

It was a different year with COVID-19 and we established protocols for participation, hand washing, separation on trail and camp, and temperature checks and masks. Fortunately the trail was much emptier than usual, so that helped.

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