WTA First Place Photo

Hiro ( Hike #1 2020) submitted a photo and won first Place in the “Trail Family” category for Washington Trails Association and it is also featured on the March 2021 calendar page. Great job!

Of all the photos in the contest this year, this image alone stood out as one of the most joyful and representative of a challenging and unique year. Takahiro and the llamas were transporting gear and food on the PCT in this photo for members of the Pass to Pass group hike that raises awareness for Parkinson’s.”

Thanks Hiro for sharing and see all the winners https://www.wta.org/news/signpost/2020-northwest-exposure-photo-contest-winners


  1. acwooly says:

    Awesome. Congratulations!



  2. Great photo exemplifies an event with exceptional participants. I have followed this event for the last few years and appreciate how its grown to include more people with Parkinson’s.


  3. Vicki says:

    That is TERRIFIC! Looking forward to my calendar arriving!


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