July 7, 2021 8 energetic hikers with be on the John Muir Trail in California as our first hike of 2021. We are excited to “track the hikers” and read about their adventures in blog posts too. Donations welcome for our gear and llama rentals.

Bill Meyer and Derek Torry were recently interviewed for the PD podcast “I’m Not Dead Yet

https://www.buzzsprout.com/1727089/8817060 or at your favorite podcast site.

The 25 minute exchange talks about PasstoPass.org, hiking and enjoying what you love even with PD.

The podcast is called “A close look at an extraordinary life with Parkinson’s Disease. Quirky and irreverent; hosts Judy & Travis take a look at this most tragic of events: life with an incurable disease and why it’s important to declare that I’m Not Dead Yet! Start making the changes to enable you to get the best quality of life possible.”

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