The Trip 2 team is expected to spend their second night near Crag Lake. This campsite has a wonderful meadow for the llamas and plenty of water for everyone. We haven’t received a direct update from the Trip 2 team though we know that can be dependent on whether the technology gods are smiling.

The trail between Anderson Lake and the camp site near Crag Lake is about 6.5 miles with not a lot of elevation gain and rewarding views of Mt. Rainier.

Also, the Trip 5 team is finishing final preparations and will hit the trail Friday. This team is hiking in Oregon, northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail in Three Sisters Wilderness area, Devils Lake to Lava Camp, about 25 miles total. For a few days, the Trip 2 and Trip 5 teams will be on their respective trails at the same time.

2020 photo of Mt. Rainier as seen on the trail between Anderson Lake and Crag Lake.
2021 Trip 1 photo of llamas Amos, Gina, Warf, and Faramir grazing in the meadow at the campsite near Crag Lake.
2020 photo of campsite near Crag Lake.
2020 photo of water source at campsite near Crag Lake.

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