The Trip 5 team is on the trail. They assembled at their starting trailhead, received llama orientation, loaded their gear, and by late morning got off to begin their adventure. This team is hiking in Oregon, northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail in Three Sisters Wilderness from Devils Lake to Lava Camp, about 25 miles total.

The Trip 2 team’s itinerary calls for camping near the Bumping River on the way to White Pass in Washington. Wading across the Bumping River (about knee deep) is one of the most exciting parts of the Trip 2 route. Once again the campsite provides plenty of grass for the llamas and a nice place for the hikers to rest up overnight.

This morning we received word that the Trip 2 team is ok. Hiker Eleanor is experiencing freezing in her legs—a common challenge of Parkinson’s—and is coming off the trail with her support hiker, Barbara. Friday Eleanor is being transported 7.5 miles back to Chinook Pass via big wheel stretcher. We have plenty of help and the rest of the team will continue their journey. Once at Chinook Pass, Eleanor and Barbara will be met and assisted by Trip 6 support hiker Judi and her family—this is just one example of the community that evolves from the Pass to Pass experience.

Llama orientation for Trip 5 team
Trip 5 team loading llamas
2020 photo of the Bumping River crossing on the Trip 2 route
2020 photo of llamas Warf and Gina at the Bumping River campsite on the Trip 2 route
2020 photo of the Bumping River campsite on the Trip 2 route

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