Quick Update from Trip 5 and Trip 2 Teams

Trip leader Rich reports the Trip 5 team is at Glacier Creek in Obsidian. “7 miles today. Llamas are troopers. All is well.”

Screen print of Trip 5 team vicinity from Guthook app

The Trip 2 team reports:

“We had a very wet day yesterday and last night. Rained all day and night! Team slept warm and dry though. Cold morning to pack up. Team hiked a good pace today. Llamas don’t like to get their feet wet; they always walk around the puddles! … We hope to be to White Pass by 10 a.m. Monday but don’t worry if we are a little later. Eleanor’s friends are with us. We are ready for sunshine and warmth!”

Screen print of Trip 2 team vicinity from Guthook app.

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  1. The LLAMAS don’t like wet feet? The rest of you, DO?


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