The report from the Trip 5 team is: “At Minnie Scott Spring. 3.4 hard miles up Opie Dildock Pass. Beautiful day. Cool breezes.”

According to Minnie Scott Spring is a tiny spring north of Opie Dildock Pass. This is the only source of water on the Pacific Crest Trail between Glacier Creek and South Mattieu Lake. The spring is about 100 feet east of the trail. A stream flows from the spring, across the trail west and north. Late in the summer, the stream ends a short distance from the spring, maybe not even reaching the trail, so you have to watch out for it. … There are some nice camping areas west of the spring, down an unmarked trail.

The Minnie Scott Spring outlet stream flows across the trail (photo courtesy of Jerry Adams via

Trip 2 complete

The Trip 2 team completed their adventure this morning. The team got an early start, enjoyed blue sky, and everyone is fine. They got to see dogs, horses, and a goat at the White Pass ending trailhead.

Trip 2 team and Bill
Trip 2 team

Llamas were transported to Walupt horse camp. Five Trip 3 hikers will camp there and then hike one mile to the trail when the other two hikers join in the morning.

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