The Trip 5 team came off the trail mid-morning. The Trip 5 and 6 hike leaders compared notes and transferred the community gear to the Trip 6 team. We’re working on collecting Trip 5 photos.

Trip 6 leader Derek reports: “Short hike today to North Matthieu Lake. From repositioning cars to getting on trail, all went smoothly. Took a dip this afternoon. Was great to cool off. Everyone is in good shape and spirits high. Judi is leading us in song now; she brought everyone instruments, too.”

“Songbird” Judi, a Trip 6 support hiker, also leads the Tremelos Parkinson’s choir.

2020 video of Judi and Derek providing entertainment at a campsite near Bumping River.

Trip 3 update

Trip 3 leader Linda reports: “Another bluebird morning. All is well. Bill M. is continuing on the hike. We have a gradual traverse up ahead. Llamas are happy as they were serenaded by Bill C.’s flute. … Wonderful day! As we hiked up out of our camp onto the ridge we were accompanied by the beautiful Mt. Adams. Her crown was free of smoke and clouds. After hiking .2 miles out of camp, we turned onto the PCT, immediately meeting lots of PCT hikers. We really enjoyed talking to them! Sunny warm day with a fiesta of wildflowers! Watched large frogs swimming at Sheep Lake where we are now camped. We swam and refreshed in the lake. Saw two original PCT markers, which is rare and was a great treat to see! We are looking forward to Cispus Pass tomorrow. We are hoping to see goats!”

Mt. Adams. Photo courtesy of Daniel J. Schreiber via

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