Trip 3 leader Linda reports:

“This team has melded together; we quickened our morning departure by 30 minutes! 8:40 a.m. and we were on our way up Cispus Pass. Bill M. saw three wooly caterpillars. Scott and Bill C. were stung by yellow jackets: Scott three stings, Bill C. one sting. Camped below a beautiful mountainous cirque with meadow and at least seven flows of water. We are hoping to see mountain goats cross the meadow tonight. We have a watermelon chilling in the creek and are feeling good! Another warm day.”

Yes, the llamas carry a watermelon. It’s a Pass to Pass tradition.

2021 Trip 1 watermelon

Trip 6 update

Trip 6 leader Derek admits he takes creative liberties with his reports. Let’s play True or False?

Probably true:

  • Last night we went to bed around 8 p.m.
  • We’re off to Minnie Scott Spring early this morning to beat the heat.
  • Started tracking a little late, but we did about 4.25 miles and got to camp by 11ish.
  • Filled up with water at Minnie Scott Spring.
  • Water from the spring is ice cold, a nice treat.
  • Everyone enjoyed lunch in the shade; now napping.
  • There’s a nice breeze, which keeps us cool and blows our stank away.

Probably false:

  • We didn’t go to bed last night until song and dance broke out. Llama Patron was the craziest—he was doing the chicken dance, and a mighty fine one I must say.
  • We really enjoyed the ice-cold beer tap 200 yards uphill from the spring. Atmosphere was nice, too.
  • The mountain BBQ joint was awesome.

Only the Trip 6 team knows for sure:

  • We have some who talk in their sleep. What happens on the trail stays on the trail (but A.C. is completely convinced he is besties with Sasquatch).

… Good thing Derek and A.C. are friends.

The Minnie Scott Spring outlet stream flows across the trail (photo courtesy of Jerry Adams via

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