Trip 6 leader Derek reports (embellishments and all): “Had another great dinner and night of rest. Several set up on a point overlooking an incredible meadow and valley; got some good pics. One of the llamas got loose, but hiker Hiro has perfected the eastern llama love coo and he wooed the llama into his caring embrace. Before we knew it he was surrounded by llamas from all over the great state of Oregon; problem solved, I think? Today there’s a long stretch without water so the team will attempt 10 miles, but we’ve put extra water on llamas in case we need to stop short. The goal is Ruth Chris Steakhouse … I mean the next lake. Word is there are great fish tacos there.”

“… Made it to Separation Creek, a 9.8 mile day. Everyone did GREAT! No problems. Still air, smoky and hot. We’re tired; about to swim, then eat.”

More humor from Derek under the category of only the Trip 6 team knows for sure: “We have fashioned a Pass to Pass branding iron out of tent stakes. In honor of the great trek we’re all getting branded to memorialize it. Since we do not own the llamas we will not brand them. The location of our brands on the body is secret. Don’t ask. “

Pond near Separation Creek at PCT. Photo courtesy of Jerry Adams via

Trip 3 update

Bill M. says the Trip 3 team needs a cold beer. They’ve placed an order for Coronas, seltzer, and bubbly water.

Trip 3 leader Linda reports: “Another warm and sunny day, but smoke did hide our three ladies: Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier. Got to camp not far from Snowgrass Flats early. Four of us dayhiked up to the base of Old Snowy. Had to cross a snowfield where some snowballs did fly! The morning began with the sound of coyotes and llama Faramir being uppity. He actually spit on one of our team members, which we have never seen before. Mess of chewed up vegetation and slobber in the face—nasty!”

2019 photo of hiker George in a snowfield in the Goat Rocks area where the 2021 Trip 3 team is hiking.

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