Trip 6 leader Derek must be getting tired of trail food. He reports: “Slept in this morning. Short day today; 4-5 miles to Mesa Creek. Time to eat. I’m having flapjacks with scrambled eggs and homestyle potatoes … um, must still be dreaming.”

“Made it to Mesa Creek. Easy day, which was probably good after yesterday. We’re gonna go soak the legs in the creek and have lunch. Team is in good shape: All good, solid hikers. Team and llamas are doing great … hikers’ feet are in good condition; very few have blisters. Support hiker Seth is determined to give the llamas mohawks. Can’t wait to see that! Anyway, we ate the watermelon last night and have pics to prove it. Tonight we’re gonna have ice cream sundaes, with nuts … and we’ll go snipe hunting. I’ve been once before and will pass this time.”

… I think Seth wanted to give the llamas mohawks last year, too.

The Trip 6 team will spend Saturday and Sunday night on the trail before finishing up Monday.

Mesa Creek. Photo courtesy of PCT: Oregon.

Trip 3 update

Trip 3 leader Linda reports: “Traversed meadows with big open views. Didn’t see a deer, but saw a marmot and a baby on the trail! What a treat to sleep in until 7 a.m.! Then most of us left camp at 9:15 a.m. with the goal to reach Goat Lake 3.5 miles away. Bill M. stayed back to oversee the llamas. Lake was a stunning blue with snow lingering on its edges. Mt. Adams stood beautifully to the south with a little smoke around her. Lots of waterfalls.”

The Trip 3 team itinerary calls for staying at the same campsite Friday and Saturday night before finishing the last approximately six miles Sunday and ending at Berry Patch Trailhead.

Goat Lake. Photo courtesy of Surviving Urban via

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