The Trip 3 team successfully completed their hike today, ending at Berry Patch Trailhead.

Yesterday, llama Gina created some excitement when she pulled up the stake she was tethered to. Trip leader Linda said: “She got about 10 minutes of bliss eating her fill of grass in the meadow.” Gina and Bill M. are good buddies after multiple hikes together so she was easy for him to catch.

I hope the Trip 3 team got their order of Coronas, seltzer, and bubbly water—yesterday they asked if it was chilled.

The Trip 3 team at their ending trailhead
Llama Gina at the end of Trip 1

Trip 4 underway

The Trip 4 team hit the trail today. This team is led by George, a seasoned Pass to Pass hiker. The Trip 4 team is hiking the reverse of the Trip 3 route in the Goat Rocks area of the PCT in Washington state. They started from Berry Patch Trailhead and will end at Walupt Lake Trailhead.

The Trip 4 team at their starting trailhead

Trip 6 update

Time for another game of True or False?, compliments of Trip 6 leader Derek.

Probably true:

  • Early start this morning. Goal is to be on the trail by 8 a.m. Headed to Sisters Mirror Lake, 4-5 miles. If we get there by noon, we can swim, etc.
  • Made it to Sisters Mirror Lake by 10:30 a.m. today.
  • The team was fast this morning and we’re scouting the lakes in the area for the swimming hole of the day. Might have to take sleeping pads out on the lake for a float.
  • Tried a new brand: Food for the Soul peanut slaw cold soak. It was good and will make my backpacking meal rotation.
  • Did you know Chapstick works for more than chafed lips? But one shouldn’t use it on their lips after applying it on other chafed surfaces. Just sayin’.
  • Received a cash donation for Pass to Pass on the trail a couple days ago.
  • Everything is going smoothly. The trip has been fun!
  • We’ll most likely be at the ending trailhead tomorrow by 11 a.m.
  • More goings on to follow!

Probably false:

  • Was a late night last night as we brought a small projector and watched Lord of the Rings. The popcorn was GggggrrrrrrEAT! Wish we had lemonade.
  • Rumor is there’s sunken treasures in the lakes. We’re gonna SCUBA dive and fact check it.
  • We found the geocache of brats and beer the lovely folks from Trip 5 hid for us. Thanks, Trip 5 team!
Sisters Mirror Lake. Photo courtesy of Lexi Shupert via

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