The Trip 6 team successfully completed their hike today, ending near Devils Lake.

At their ending trailhead, the Trip 6 team enjoyed cold drinks, sandwiches, chips, and good conversation. Brian and Carrie Lorenson surprised everyone by showing up on their way to their Oregon Coast vacation—Brian is Pass to Pass board president.

Trip 6 leader Derek’s final update: “Today we come off the trail, an easy 3.5-4 miles to the loving embrace of our fearless leader, logistics coordinator extraordinaire Bill ‘The Beast’ Meyer. We have a ton of stories and memories. Some we can share; some we can’t. But, give A.C. (aka ‘The Professor’) a beer and he’ll spill the beans. Ask him for a nine-letter word with one vowel! Hats off to Ann, who ran the llamas on both Trip 5 and Trip 6. That’s 60 miles, folks!”

“We have Parkinson’s, it doesn’t have us! We are all already talking about next year. Maybe my Dutch oven will make an appearance. If you’re reading this: Get out and start hiking and exercising and make plans to join us. We promise to make it memorable.”

… I can attest that Derek (aka “The Hulk”) knows how to make a terrific camp meal in a Dutch oven. By the way, after you’ve shown up to hike a couple times, you get a trail name. Beast, Professor, and Hulk are trail names.

Trip 6 llamas.
Trip 6 llamas and hikers coming off the trail.
Trip 6 hikers coming off the trail.
Trip 6 leader and board member Derek; Trip 3 hiker, board member, and logistics coordinator extraordinaire Bill; Trip 6 support hiker Seth; Trip 6 hiker A. C.; and board president Brian at the Trip 6 ending trailhead.

Trip 4 Update

The Trip 4 itinerary calls for staying at the same campsite Sunday and Monday night, within dayhiking distance of Old Snowy and Goat Lake. The first campsite is about six miles and 1,500 feet up from the starting trailhead.

We haven’t heard directly from the Trip 4 team though that’s not unusual at the start of a trip—it can take a bit to get the technology working and get in the rhythm of sending updates.

2019 Trip 2 team in a snowfield in the Goat Rocks vicinity where the 2021 Trip 4 team is hiking.
2019 photo of wildflowers in the Goat Rocks vicinity where the 2021 Trip 4 team is hiking.

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