Trip 3 leader Linda spent a little extra time on the trail and crossed paths with the Trip 4 team. She reports they are settling in to the trip, learning to set up camp and care for the llamas. And, she says it looks like they are having fun!

The Trip 4 team did miss a turn on their planned route though they are back on track and all was well as of first thing Tuesday morning. The Tuesday itinerary calls for a short day on fairly flat terrain, and camping at Cispus River. The team delayed their morning departure because hiker Mark received four bee stings and had some difficulty breathing. Benadryl helped and the team has a first aid kit. The afternoon update is short and positive: Reached campsite; everyone ok.

What does it take to set up camp?

All hikers help set up camp. Things Pass to Pass teams do to set up camp for the night can include:

  • Secure a campsite large enough for tethering multiple llamas and pitching multiple tents; first come, first served
  • Pick spots within the campsite for llamas and tents
  • Unsaddle, tether, feed, and water llamas
  • Organize llama tack and gear for the evening and next morning
  • Pitch tents
  • Set up bed rolls
  • Dig group latrine
  • Make hand washing supplies available
  • Gather and filter water
  • Check hikers’ temperatures (COVID-19 protocol)
  • Set up camp chairs
  • Set up camp stoves and boil water for all hikers for dinner
  • Secure hikers’ food bags from animals for overnight
  • Confirm llamas are safely tethered for overnight
2020 photo of gear line at Snow Lake campsite.
Follow the orange marker to the latrine. Trekking poles across the trail indicates occupied.
2020 photo of Trip 6 support hiker Judi’s “house.”
2021 Trip 1 photo of hiker Steve in charge of the group water filter.
2020 photo of Trip 6 leader Derek and support hiker Seth with their bear canisters (a safe food storage option) at the Anderson Lake campsite. Also note the handwashing station (buckets), and campstove (with red fuel canister and pot).
What’s for dinner? Add boiling water to freeze-dried backpacking meals, wait about 10 minutes, and enjoy.

A note from Trip 5 and Trip 6 llamas

Lisa from Burns Llama Trailblazers shared: Snowy, Marty, Patron, Bear, Kestrel, and Wizard are happily hitting the dust holes and lounging about. They clearly enjoyed their trip but were pleased to be home. Wizard even gave me a llama hug, something I haven’t experienced in over 20 years.”

“Llama wrangler Anne seems to have had a great time and is very impressed with the people she met. She says she had fun teaching them about llamas.”

2021 video of the Trip 6 team and llamas on the trail on the third day of their trip.

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