The Trip 4 team successfully completed their hike yesterday, coming off the trail at the Walupt Lake Trailhead.

With that, we’ve finished the 2021 Pass to Pass hikes.

Congratulations to all our hikers!

As this year’s T-shirts say:

  • 34 “Parkies” (people with Parkinson’s)
  • 36 support hikers
  • 2,200 miles
  • … with cranky llamas

We are gathering photos and testimonials, and completing fundraising acknowledgements.

Thank you!

Huge thanks are due to so many:

  • Each of our donors. Every dollar is important. This year, Pass to Pass expanded its offerings, organizing seven hikes on four trails in Washington, Oregon, and California. Donations make that possible.
  • Our trip leaders: Dave, Linda, George, Rich, and Derek. They help keep everyone safe, ensure the checklists are completed, navigate on the trail, provide fodder for the blog, and more!
  • Our Parkinson’s hikers, who had the courage and the grit to take on their individual adventures. You are all inspiring.
  • Our support hikers. They help our Parkinson’s hikers have a successful hiking experience.
  • Everyone who tracked the hikers and read our blog updates. We appreciate your interest, your support, and your time.
  • Our vendors and partners. They supply our llamas, T-shirts, hats, printing, community gear, and more.
  • Brian, our board president, who, among many other things, led trip preparation Zoom calls for all our hikers, reviewing things like gear and food to bring on a hike.
  • Bill and Nadean. There are not words … Bill is our logistics coordinator extraordinaire, a board member, and a Parkinson’s hiker. My father says behind every successful man there is a woman. For Bill, that woman is his wife, Nadean, who helps with accounting, correspondence, the blog, and dozens of other things. Bill and Nadean have been driving around to starting and ending trailheads, serving lunches; ensuring each team has its community gear and gets off to a good start; and celebrating the end of each team’s hike. At some points we had three teams active at once. Logistics for Pass to Pass hikes is nearly a year-round job. Bill has probably already started planning for 2022 trips.


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