“Dancing with Llamas”

Bill Clugston, PD hiker on Trip 3 2021 in the Goats Rock Wilderness wrote a blog post for NW Parkinson’s Foundation.

He loved the llamas as pack animals and Bill notes the need for preparation for the strenuous mountain experience. Bill, like other previous hikers are waiting for the details about 2022 hikes. Preparations are almost complete and the board and a new hiker assessment sub-committee have been working hard to make the trips safe and enjoyable with an updated application form.

Previous hikers should receive an invitation by next week and new contacts and people who are interested will be notified by the middle of the month. Many of the hikes are expected to fill up rapidly and there is a new hike for less experienced hikers. It will be day hikes near Mount Rainier with overnight stays at the historic Longmire lodge. For more information, use the contact page at www.passtopass.org

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