2022 Donors

Please thank the people you know.

As we receive donations, this page will be updated at the end of the month and then bi-weekly closer to the hikes. We do not list the amount on this page but each donor receives a thank you acknowledgment that also serves for tax purposes since we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. A hat is offered to donors of $100 or more and listing on our website and printed materials for $500 or more.

This page is not searchable from our web site with any links but you can directly access it from this URL . https://passtopass.org/2022-donors

Our 2022 Goal is $30,000 GOAL REACHED!

Donation MonthName of Donor (s) Month TOTAL
January-March 2022Georgy Trifonov MS match monthly
Paige Nysoe- monthly
$ 80
April 2022Paige Nysoe
Sue & Rich Cairn
Barbara Hackett
Georgy Trifonov MS match
Ginny Jarmaillo
Selkirk Neurology
Carol Lowell
Jimmy Mancini
Betty Owen
David Lennon
$ 1200
May 2022 Terry & Laura Rianda
Elinor Lamson
Lois Friedland
Paige Nysoe
Sherri Potter
David Sylvia
Marjorie Rifkin
Lindsey Rich
Roberta Robinson
Michele Tyler
Jody Kirkpatrick
Suzanne Richards
Mary Beth Wressell
Merchant McIntyre Assoc.
Dorothy Zimmerman
Elizabeth Fay
William Rich
Tony & Patti Ettinger
PayPal Giving Fund (Page by Tamara & Liza Barry)
Josh Horowitz
Stephen Breese
Margie Savage
Tony Laidlaw
Faye & Mark Richardson
Brenda Rich
Patricia Stanley
Loren Maron
Alice Lightle
Vivi Rama
Susan Horowitz
Georgy Trifonov- MS Match
$ 6915
June 2022Lori Hurl
Dave Worthington
Nelle Miller
Dave and Ruth Baumgart
Natalie Hernandez
Judi Spencer
Shirley Worthington
Lori Worthington Coffee
Kelley & Bud Rockhill
Paige Nysoe
Nancy House
Stella Chao
Kiriann Carini
Robert Watterson
Lynda Lyle
Mary Golden
Paypal Giving fund (page by Tamara & Liza Barry)
Terry Coffee
Georgy Trifonov-MS match
Alex Rich
$ 9101
July 2022Northern Brae Books
Cherry Tuck
Anna Miller
Alison Weir
Katharine Baker
Nancy and Robert Neff
Network for Good (does not list name)
Dianne Tatro
Kathryn Hauck
Paul Carpenter
Carol Mayefsky
Kelsey Colpitts
Nancy Larsen
Michael Cox
Sarah Eitzman
Jerry & Rebecca Bassett
Rick & Rose Edvalson
Susan Smith
Michele Saloner
Mindy Schorr
Carol Brown
Thomas Hoff
Lainie Hagedorn
Virginia Duck
Claire Moore
Jim Gerner
Julia Chapman
Jerry Jones
Carol Richards
Nanette Smyser
Paige Nysoe
Paula Flanders
Rose Edvalson
Ken Wilson
Kit Muir
Rene Voight
Stephanie Spears
David Sylvia- Altria Match
Georgy Trifonov- MS Match

S 11,529
August 2022Brittany Mills
Tara Mills
John Overmier & Christine Roberts
Deborah Foster
Daniel Rappaport
Dave Worthington
Cindy Calbaum
Tamara Barry
DawnElla Rust
Greg Bachman
David Bauer
Su Jin Chung
Kimber Sterling
Ron & Mari Cleveland
Bill & Celeste Becia
Georgy Trifonov- MS Match
Andi Mason Garner
$ 4475
September (as of 9-22 pm)Mike & Mary Kimmich
Blackbaud Giving Fund-Boeing
John Sherman
Bill & Nadean Meyer