Our intrepid trip leaders have been out on the trail checking about snow pack, tree blow downs and water conditions. The Washington Cascades received plenty of snow this winter, with snowfall even in June. Rapid melt is underway and we expect trails with just a few drifts on the Northern side.

Trip 1 at Mount Rainier area will be changing a few day hikes to lower elevations after leader Judi was scouting last weekend. Trip 2 leaders, Rich and Jerry in Oregon found so many trees blown down in the previously burned area that we have changed the trip to our standby Chinook Pass to White Pass in Washington. Leaders Irene, Linda, Dave, Eric and Brian have plans in the next 10 days to check on the other trails as well. They will share their information. Trip leader, Derek has already been out in the Sierras and Trip 8 will definitely not have snow and will be monitored for water. It is wonderful to have such experienced guides on our adventures. PasstoPass hikes begin next Tuesday, July 12 with day hikes at Mt. Rainier- this will be our first time trying this type of activity.

We are over halfway to our donation goal for this year. You can donate $100 or more and receive a hat with our new hiker and llama logo. All gifts are appreciated. We have grown from 4 PD hikers in 2016 to 45 PD hikers in 2022!

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