Top of the World Preparation

Hiro at the summit of Mt. Adams July 2022

All of our PasstoPass hikers have been preparing for their hike— climbing stairs, increasing exercise activities and classes, doing practice hikes and more. However, Hiro, a young onset PD hiker is over the top! This spring he summitted Mount St. Helens, in June he attempted Mt . Rainier (hampered by poor weather) and last weekend succeeded at Mt. Adams. You can see his grin and his PasstoPass stocking cap.

View of Mt. Rainier from Judi’s home

The gear truck has made it to Graham, Washington at Trip Leader Judi and Warren’s home where we are greeted with this stupendous view of Mt. Rainier. We will be up hiking near the base and staying at the historic National Park Inn the next three days. What a glorious start to our adventures in 2022.

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  1. Laurie Livoli says:

    Awesome! Beautiful!!


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