The Trip 2 team departed from the Chinook Pass trailhead in Washington state today. At the trailhead they experienced wispy clouds clearing and a brisk wind. The team received a trail report from a group of hikers who started at White Pass and were on their way to Snoqualmie. They reported the snowiest spot was within a mile south of Chinook Pass. Trip leaders had the hikers try on YacTrax micro spikes to slip over their boots in preparation for snow.

The llamas, as always, were a hit with many people who stopped at the popular trailhead – lots of photos taken.

Our Track the Hikers technology appears to be working. Sometimes it takes a bit to get this going at the beginning of a hike (and the technology gods have to be smiling).

Plan B!

The Trip 2 itinerary changed about two weeks ago because of significant new blow downs in burn areas on the original Oregon route that were not expected to be cleared in time for the hike. Thank you to our trail scouts for identifying the problem; to our Trip 2 leaders and hikers for their flexibility; our llama suppliers for accommodating this huge change in plans; and to Bill Meyer, logistics coordinator extraordinaire, for having a plan B and directing the symphony of steps needed for that plan to fall into place. It is important we always put safety first – that allows us to have a good time on the trail!

Plan B, again!

Today’s Trip 2 itinerary called for hiking about five miles. Trip leader Rich reports:

“Camping about 1.5 miles in. Super bad going. Bill will bivy with us. Brian (Pass to Pass board president) is hiking out tonight. Bill will hike out tomorrow … We made only 1.5 miles today with the trail being mostly snow covered. Melting but still pretty sketchy going. All the news has this trouble going away south. All in good spirits, weather fabulous, and we hope to make up our shortage the next two days!”

Trip 2 hikers load gear, try on spikes for their boots for hiking in snow, and hit the trail.

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