The Trip 2 team continued to move forward Wednesday. Our Track the Hikers technology is not working perfectly – the Garmin company is reporting a service degradation – though we are hearing from the group.

A brief update received late Tuesday confirmed the team camped near Anderson Lake Tuesday night. Trip leader Rich reported Tuesday:

“Slow going with snow on more than 50% of the trail. Streams, too, are running strong. We had two wet crossings. The team is in good spirits. The trail conditions are taking a lot of energy so we are taking it one day at a time.”

The Wednesday report indicates they continue to encounter a lot of snow. Rich said:

“Found small site to camp at after another wet crossing. We struggled through a lot of steep snow. In 8 hours we made about 7.5 miles to Crag Lake. … Finding delays … stream crossings and long, steep snow cover on at least half of the trail. … Other hikers say it’s this way to White Pass!”

Today the Trip 2 team was on the portion of trail where, weather permitting, there are nice views of Mt. Rainier. In one spot it is possible to see Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and a glimpse of Mt. Adams.

They are also probably perfecting their morning routine. It takes about two hours to have breakfast, tear down camp, and saddle and load the llamas.

Trip 1 highlights

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation is featuring the Trip 1 team this week. Check it out. Thanks to trip leader Judi for providing details and great pictures!

Also, Trip 1 hiker Mike Smith made a fun video of the Trip 1 experience. It’s about six minutes long. Thanks to Mike and Sue for producing the video and sharing it!

Trip 1 hikers in Mt. Rainier National Park.

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