Thursday, llama Cedar went on strike. She would not move and was not feeling well. Support hiker Jerry stayed with her while the rest of the group hiked on to Bumping River.

Jerry and Cedar caught up with group Friday morning. The group attempted to hike out Bumping River trail #971. After a mile and a half, the trail was impassable with massive downed trees.

The group went back to the Pacific Crest Trail and hiked on to Snow Lake. They had a challenging day and will spend the night there. Snow Lake is one of the planned campsites for this trip. Trip 5 hike leader Irene will hike in from White Pass with two volunteer Mountaineers. They will offer encouragement, extra food, and assistance with the llamas. The Trip 2 team deserves much needed rest after so many unexpected issues!

The team is looking forward to finishing their hike either Saturday or Sunday. They are about 10 miles from the White Pass trailhead. The original itinerary called for hiking seven miles from Snow Lake to Sand Lake, camping at Sand Lake, and then hiking the last approximately three miles to the White Pass trailhead.

A positive attitude, perseverance, and community have been important in my personal journey with Parkinson’s disease. With these I have done things I wasn’t sure I could do, including hiking with Pass to Pass. The Trip 2 team is demonstrating the power of these things as they continue to overcome obstacles. More than once their report has included, “the team is in good spirits.” They have certainly persevered. They have had a community of support off the trail, even if it seemed invisible, and I know from experience that Pass to Pass teams quickly form a community and are extremely supportive of one another.

Trip 2 team, we are cheering you on in your last 10 miles!

Snow Lake photo from a 2021 hike

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