Prior to departure, trip leader Derek described today’s Trip 8 itinerary this way:

“The first day will be a biggie: 4.7 miles (which isn’t much) and 2,500+ feet of elevation gain. Basically, each step is a step up. But we’ll be rewarded with a beautiful campsite next to Gem Lake.”

The trail report from the Trip 8 team includes:

“It rained on and off. Scattered showers on the hike up. We were dry by the time we got to camp. … Good news: No smoke from Oak fire, and it is moving away from us. … Spirits are good. Everyone hiked great, napped, and a few swam.”

The team arrived at their campsite on a peninsula on Gem Lake late this morning. Elevation is 9,100 feet. They spent part of the day watching a big storm cell and getting ready for it to hit.

The evening update is:

“We huddled in our tents for a couple hours as a big, loud thunderstorm complete with wind and rain passed over us.”

Derek’s humor for the day:

“Gem Lake is known for its gems. While swimming this afternoon I found a rough diamond – about five carats.”

Gem Lake photo courtesy of AllTrails.

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