Trip 5 Day 3

Trip leader Irene reports:

“The seven of us woke up healthy. We did a delightful day hike to American Lake, the most beautiful we’ve seen so far, with views of Mt. Rainier along the way.

“The llamas seem content with their zero day. Meanwhile, the three who hiked out yesterday made it out before dark and rented a car in the Tri-Cities for the trip home to Boise. We miss them! We’ve been offering the food they left to through hikers, but the only thing they all wanted was the apricots Tony brought to share.

“Still no COVID symptoms; keeping our fingers crossed. No cell service at this end of the trail, so for those at home, we love you and thank you for supporting our adventure!”

American Lake photo courtesy of Cruiznbye via Washington Trails Association.

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  1. Tony Laidlaw says:

    Thanks to Irene for being well prepared. She had the COVID-19 test kits available and made the correct decision to have the remainder of the team stay at the same place and do day hikes the rest of the week.


    1. ddhsm1 says:

      Thank you, Tony!


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