Trip leader Irene reports:

“After getting everything packed up, we had an easy trip to Dewey Lake. After setting up camp, five of us set out to find the trail on the other side of Dewey Lake. We were delighted to find even more spectacular views of Mt. Rainier as we went. Then we followed Trail 968 on a steep downhill to a beautiful waterfall, and enjoyed the dense shade of a lower elevation forest. Found some strange fungi poking up through the duff. Planning an evening hike with the other two to share the spectacular views.”

All is well with the Trip 5 team. Late tomorrow morning they will conclude their adventure at Chinook Pass trailhead.

Since Trip 5 is not ending at White Pass as originally planned, the llamas will be transported to the White Pass trailhead for the start of Trip 6.

2021 photo of Dewey Lake—opposite side from the Trip 5 team’s campsite. The mountain view was obstructed this day.

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