Trip leader Derek reports (humor and all):

“Hey OH! Rest day today! Relaxed and played Farkle: The tournament of champions, and the Hulk is king! [Hulk is Derek’s trail name.]

“Several did some day hikes. One group: trail hike. The other gravel surfed the bowl.

“Derek treated Greg to a pedicure. All the others were jealous. Greg picked green sparkle for the toenail polish color. Derek also cured George of his Parkinson’s-related stiff neck. What happens on the trail stays on the trail.

“The llamas had a spitting contest. Now that’s a talent.

“The team is really enjoying each other. Derek even has them on the 4:00 dinner/6:00 sleep routine (took 6 years).

“Tomorrow, 8 miles back to Hidden Spring!”

Board president Brian’s 2019 photo: High camp just before Knife’s Edge

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