Trip leader Derek reports:

“Back at Hidden Springs! A bit less buggy today, but we still feel like we’re a mosquito buffet. We started setting up camp and noticed a serious widow maker [dangerous tree branch], so we moved everything about 30 yards away, including relocating the llamas and gear. We’re now enjoying ice cold beverages from the Hidden Springs Saloon; Linda is playing saloon tunes on the piano.

“Hiro is our pace car. He set a blistering pace for us today: more than 2 miles per hour while gaining 800 feet in elevation. We left last night’s camp at 8 a.m. and arrived at today’s camp before noon, with a nice backpacks off break on the way.

“We’ll rest up this afternoon for tomorrow morning’s 1,000-foot climb out of the springs and then a big descent to the White Pass trailhead.

“Everyone is feeling good, hiking strong, and spirits are high!”

Hmm … I doubt Linda has a piano in her backpack.

Monday night, Bill – our logistics coordinator extraordinaire – will camp with the llamas at the White Pass trailhead. The Trip 6 team is eager to assist as a show of gratitude. Early Tuesday morning, Bill will transport the llamas to Walupt Lake for the start of Trip 7.

2019 photo of the Trip 6 team’s route

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