The Trip 7 team hit the trail today. This is the last Pass to Pass hike for the year.

The group left Walupt Lake Campground just past noon. Trip leader Dave reported, “Llamas and hikers in good spirits” as they hit the trail.

Trip 7 team learning to saddle the llamas
Trip 7 team hitting the trail

The team stopped for a break after about an hour – Dave believes in resting the legs approximately every hour. At the first break, Dave reported, “Llamas and hikers are all doing great.”

By about 4:30 p.m., the Trip 7 team arrived at their first campsite after about 4 miles and around 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Dave reported, “Everyone’s doing great. Great campsite. Llamas in heaven.”

The dinnertime update included:

“First, we all really appreciate Bill and Nadean for their vision, competence, patience, and generosity. THANKS!

“Alex was with the llamas most of the day and was amazed at their unique attitudes and happiness at the end of the day in the meadow.

“Andi took a swim. Jim led the llamas for 5 minutes. The team came together very quickly to support each other. Phil noted the llamas seem to know more of what’s going on than we do.

“Alex and Phil brought ample happy hour beverages. We are about to cut into our watermelon! Thanks again, Bill and Nadean!”

Bill is our logistics coordinator extraordinaire. Nadean is his wife – my father says behind every successful man there is a woman.

It is a Pass to Pass tradition that the llamas carry a watermelon for each team.

The Trip 7 team’s Wednesday itinerary calls for about 5 miles to Sheep Lake.

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