The Trip 7 team got on the trail this morning shortly after 10 a.m. After hiking nearly 6 miles with 1,380 feet of elevation gain, they arrived at their campsite near Sheep Lake around 4:30 p.m.

This morning the team reported: “All is well. Beautiful morning.”

The afternoon update included:

“At camp 2. Beautiful day but very hot, 90+ degrees. Hikers are feeling they did some work today!

“Llamas went on strike for about 15 minutes at a muddy crossing. Pulled Alex into the mud. A llama tether screw broke while screwing it in. Alex has a unique way of leading llamas through mud holes.

“Jerry’s back started to hurt but he wants Rebecca to know he was not stubborn. Everyone made it into camp in good spirits.

“Llamas are a big hit on the trail. Through hikers are finding out about them and making a point to come meet them — first llamas they’ve seen since starting on the Pacific Crest Trail in Mexico.

“Moved from a good camp south of Sheep Lake to a much better camp north of Sheep Lake. Alex scouted.”

Sheep Lake. Photo courtesy of Tom Sedory via

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