The Trip 7 team reports:

“All is well. A bit cooler today. Partly cloudy. Wildflowers are pretty spectacular.”

Today’s adventure included Cispus Pass, elevation 6,473 feet. From there the group descended to a campsite Alex secured.

The team update continues:

“At third campsite — a beautiful five-star plus camp. For the day, 3.46 miles, 868 feet up, 530 feet down.

“Alex and Phil report finding a soaking pool near our camp with a temperature of about 38 degrees.

“Alex scrambled up the slope of Cispus Basin chasing a herd of 22 mountain goats.

“The scenery on the hike up to Cispus Pass and down into Cispus Basin was as good as it gets.

“Jerry learned a new yoga position. Jim reiterated that life is good. David introduced three hikers along the trail to Riesen candy.

“Cispus River is providing the best water of our hike so far.

“We are running low on adult beverages for our happy hours. All for now. Cheers!”

“Cispus Basin near the first Cispus River crossing.” Photo courtesy of lifeinthesound via Washington Trails Association.

Learn more about hiking Cispus Pass from Washington Trails Association.

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