Paula of Trip 4 wrote about her experience for the September Newsletter of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Parkinson’s Center, it is inspiring to see each person’s experience in the stories they share and the testimonials they send us.

Several hikers are hoping to continue the experience and invite others. Tamara of New Hampshire and Jenny of Vermont have both reached out to local organizations to have some day hikes with other PD hikers in their area. Derek is doing the same in California and Betsy of Colorado and Dan of Utah are exploring options for their areas. This type of expansion opens the door for future PtP hikers by having a first experience with others who have already gone on a longer hike. We are excited to follow this trend.

Other PD hikers are continuing their own backpacking trips. Greg of Trip 6 shared “

Meanwhile, this week, my buddy Steve and I have hiked the Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainier, Hurricane Ridge and the Hoh River Trail in Olympic NP and the Pacific Ocean beach at Cape Disappointment. What epic, diverse hiking there is in Washington state. Keep at it everyone!

and Ken also of Trip 6

As a direct result of the Pass to Pass Goat Rocks trip, I felt confident enough to take on another backpack in Olympic National Park — this time without the llamas!

A loop hike with a full pack; slightly less than 40 miles over four days, but with total elevation gains probably in the range of 8,000 ft, perhaps more. The couple of 11-mile days were not particularly difficult. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to join you a few weeks ago.

So Thank You Derek, And thanks to each of the other co-leaders Linda and Hiro.”

2022 Trip6 near Goat Rocks

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