2023- Donors

We do not list the amount on this page but each donor receives a thank you acknowledgment that also serves for tax purposes since we are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. A hat or mug is offered to donors of $100 or more and listing on our website for $500 or more.

This page is not searchable from our web site with any links but you can directly access it from this URL .  passtopass.org/2023-donors

Our goal for 2023 is $50,000

January-MarchMike & Mary Kimmich
Terry Hopkins
Jeff Meyer
Mary Espericueta
Fred Meyer Rewards
Michael Hopcroft
George Trifonov (MS monthly)
Layken Savage (Savage Brewery)
Verus Advisory (Warren Spencer employee match)
Bennett Silbert
Pat & Donna Audett
Jan & Lee Schuirman
Lisa McCann (STCU employee match)
Pam & Gary Nishida
AprilRock Steady Boxers-Covington & Puyallup
Jerry Jones
MayJody Kirkpatrick
Bill & Nadean Meyer In memory of Jeff Meyer
Sue Sayegh
Mary Hall
Ellen Kerr In memory of Jeff Meyer
Sally & Mark Stodola-Nancy Lemmen & Mark Hansen
in memory of Jeff Meyer
Donn Roberts- D&P Roberts Family Foundation
In memory of Jeff Meyer
Ann Bennett
JuneTravis Neiderf
John Lipp
Kathy Moehring
Melissa Lynn De Long
Lisa Jean
Jane Williams
Selkirk Neurology
Jeff & Peggy Idlewild and Mike, John & Julie
In memory of Jeff Meyer
Dave Baer
Network for Good
Stephen Reno
I-Wen Chang
Cary Mitchell
Takahiro Shigemitsu
Susan Gay Moore
JulyMichael & Eileen Joy Spitalny
Peter Mahawald
Ginny Duck
Steve Breese
Mama Ducks BBall Team;  Dylan, JCG, Joey, Leo, Matt, Mike & Ryan
Janet Kelly
Lori Coffee
Adair Dammann
Mallory Clark
Fred & Amy Berg
Sue Higgens
Jon & Beverly Holt
Steven Sweeney
Ann Adachi
Kelly Bencola
Linda Wiley
Phebe Jewell
Shirley Worthington & Lori Coffee
Maureen McKenzie & Ted Haase
Jerry Bassett
Kathleen & Scott Davis
Robert White
Anonymous- 3-Facebook
Maia Blom
Elizabeth Andrews
Marcia Kato
John Worthington
Robert Devlin
Paul Sturkenboom
AugustDave Baumgart
Dave Worthington
Carol Mayefsky
David Solet
Franklin Schroeter
Richard Chin
Doug Briedwell
Bonnie Hauk
Rita Sweeney & Kathleen Davis
Walter Croshaw
Bill & Monica Smersh
John Purbaugh
Dave Bentley
Kathie Morton In memory of Jeff Meyer
Rick & Rose Edvalson
Jeff & Jodi Stodola In memory of Jeff Meyer
Dan & Emily Meyer In memory of Jeff Meyer
Jill Kroneberger
Merchant, McIntyre & Assoc.
Sarah Eitzman
John Smyser
Kate Hauk
Denece Desha
SeptemberGinny Jaramillo
Fred & Amy Berg
Alison Weir
Bob Blount
Charley Roseberry
AARP-Washington State
Lisa Hauck
William Rigby
Patricia Murphy
Richard Deyo & Linda Betts
Jeanette Lim

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