Today’s Spokane Chapter day hike, starting at the Dishman Hills Camp Caro trailhead, was special for several reasons. First, it is National Trails Day. On the trail, spaced about a quarter mile apart were volunteers, giving a brief talk about things like tree identification, animal identification and the Ice Age Missoula floods.

Hikers included father/daughter Peter and Millie. Also present were Grandpa Bill (Meyer), daughter Lisa and grandsons,Cody and Corbin. The group was completed by A.C. and potential PasstoPPass hiker Robert, both from Sandpoint, Idaho.

Proving that hiking requires concentration at all times, one hiker slipped and fell in the gravel on a steep downhill.

Even in “the big city” you can explore nature and get tuned up for Pass To Pass.

A.C. will not be at the next chapter hike because he is taking our poster to the 6th World Parkinson Congress in Barcelona, Spain in early July. We have 8 previous hikers attending and they will share our story- A.C., Judi, Warren, Sarah, John, Bill, Sandy and Nicole.

Submitted by A.C. Woolnough

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