The Trip 8 team hit the trail today. They are hiking the Santiam Pass loop via Marion Lake in Oregon, 28 miles total.

Trip leader Rich reports:

“[The Trip 8 team] made it to Santiam Lake by 3 p.m. on a mild day with some overcast (grateful), plus smoke free from a fire further north.

“We are mindful of different speeds for each hiker as well as the llamas. Some flexibility for our route going forward is called for related to llama ability.

“We are at a lakeside camp with a view to Three Fingered Jack.”

Three Fingered Jack is an inactive volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Trip 9 Team Update

For the Trip 9 team, trip leader Derek reports:

“We dodged a bullet today. There was lack of water availability over the planned 14 miles. [Support hiker] Seth saved the day. He got the map out and we identified a more direct route. We messaged [Pass to Pass board member] Brian and he confirmed with Washington Trails Association that the proposed route was hikable.

“We left at 7:30 a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. pulled into camp. With rain in the forecast, conditions were perfect: Cool with occasional drops. More rain tonight for sure, but we’ll be sleeping. Partly cloudy tomorrow, no rain in the forecast. And, we are 9 miles ahead of schedule.

“Today’s trail wizard tip: Backpacking is the art of what not to bring. A good principle for life, too.

“Eight miles today with a 1,200-foot climb straight up, like touch your nose to the trail steep, then gradual for several miles, then down 1,200 feet to Waptus Lake. Camped here on the sandy beach enjoying lunch and resting.”

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